There are those Facebookers that everyone seems to love to hate. I’m talking about the ones that have to post every little thing they do daily, and often accompany the post with a picture.

Here’s where the million dollars comes in. Imagine that if you paid a small fee to actually verify those facts. For Example:

Sally “Just got out of the gym ‘woah’ HUGH workout, but I can see the changes already”

My Program: “Sally actually just spent 15 minutes in the sauna at her gym and did not even shower afterwards.”

S: Obligatory picture of her in her yoga pants.

MP: Those pants stayed on her for 5 minutes before she changed into sweatpants.

S: “Just had a healthy lunch, GO ME! Ordered a small salad (no dressing) and 2 Dasani waters.”

MP: “Sally just pulled into the McDonalds drive through and ordered, a Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese meal with a coke, and a medium chocolate milk shake.”

S: Picture of a healthy salad sitting on a table.

MP: Grainy McDonalds CCTV photo showing Sally scarfing her lunch in her car.

S: “Gonna make dinner for my sweetie tonight, then some cuddling with a movie and a nice glass of $50 wine.”

MP: “Sally is making mac and cheese for one, while watching Revenge and drinking half a box of Franzia red wine.”

Now, I understand that some of you may think that my program would be invading peoples private lives, but you would be wrong. They gave up that privacy when they wanted to tell you every detail, they are letting you into their lives. We will just be giving the accurate facts. This will be successful because, that person will have learned a lesson in not boring everyone with how great they wish their life really was, and we can be entertained for a while.

As soon as the person stops doing the annoying posts and pictures, my program would cease to exist for them. They would have no worries. Their lives would go back to normal with no one but the government watching them.

I wish I knew how to use Kickstarter