This tiny little packet given to me to review seemed absolutely ridiculous. Then I read the small print that said “visible WRINKLE results start day 1” I don’t have many wrinkles, just a laugh/frown line. I took a before picture and an after of course. I squeezed the heck out of this packet and received a tiny dollop of the moisturizer. The only instructions were to  avoid eye contact. (I don’t know if this packet thinks it’s higher on the social ladder than me, but I follow rules, although I did kind of snicker at it lying in the trash all empty inside.) I waited and waited…16 hours later I was tired and I still did not notice any visible WRINKLE results. But boy, did I when I woke up. There should be a warning on this thing! You can age yourself instead of looking younger. If I had to push this to a certain kind of customer I suppose it would be underage kids trying to buy beer or a 30 something wanting to get a senior citizen discount. The only thanks I can give this company, is thank you for only sending me a tiny packet. I can’t imagine what would have happened had I used a whole squirt of the stuff.

Ok, to be honest, they did not lie. The visible WRINKLE results did start on day 1. I just hope they stop at day 1.