To say I was shocked to receive two pairs of Adult Diapers while still in my 30’s is an understatement. I at first thought that I would give them to some senior citizen I passed by on the street, but I decided no, I am the reviewer so I have to do this myself. I chose a day that I was shopping at Walmart (what better place?). I put one of these bad boys on and immediately felt reminiscent of my toddler hood. I was worried that they would look bulky in my skinny jeans, but I thought that you really couldn’t tell. I went to the local Taco Bell and ate up almost the whole menu, knowing this would come in handy for an honest review.

As I wandered the aisles of the local Walmart, I started to feel my stomach rumble, I instinctively looked for a restroom. Then I remembered that today I was free to go in my pants. I was browsing the toy section to see if they had the My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Figure to replace the one I had “accidentally” broken. I fought the urge to go, it just isn’t natural as a toilet trained adult, but I had no choice. I now know why babies scrunch their face and smile as they fill their diapers. Unfortunately the smell was wafting and there was no baby around for me to blame.

Now came the biggest part of my review. How easy would it be to change and clean an adult person with a full diaper. I looked around desperately for help but I could catch no ones attention. I remembered then how babies do it when no one is around, so I fell to the ground crying and screaming. Several people came to my aid and when I told them my need they simply walked off. Some were even obvious mothers!

Now, it may have been because I was wearing skinny jeans, but it was a damn battle to get this diaper off. I was forced by the police to do it myself, right there in the booking area. While the diaper is sufficiently absorbent and kept everything where it was suppose to go, it is not an endeavor I will try again for any amount of money in the next 50 years.

I have saved you the indignity of having to see the pictures of this event, instead I will post my mug shot.